Brook & Hunter: An Introduction

Imagine if we were going to build an unmatched, world class set of garden tools, how would we do it?

They would need to be unique in appearance and be capable of standing up to rigorous use. They would require very little maintenance, yet be able to last substantially longer than other tools in the market. They would need to do all this and still remain affordable. But most importantly, they would need to be treasured by the gardeners who use them.

The starting place would take us back a thousand years into the past. We would trace the lines of evolution and innovation from the generations of laborers, farmers and gardeners that came before to create a time-tested and well refined design. It would be a natural extension of the human form, fitting perfectly into the hand. The blade would be strong, smooth and efficient—something simple, yet elegant. We would need various blade shapes to accommodate the different sizes, ages and genders of gardeners. We would start with the traditions and knowledge of the past and adapt them with the modern gardener.

DY-Handle Garden Tools Between 41 and 45 Inches Long

For the handle, we would need to find an extremely dense wood, a wood that is readily available and recognized by craftsmen as strong and durable. It would be a material strong enough to be used in flooring and as structural supports in construction. Then we would need to find a way to shape this dense wood into a D-handle and implement a method of finishing subtle enough to preserve the feel and beauty of the wood. We would need to use great care and patience, always ensuring the natural shape, beauty and strength of the materials.

Hand Crafted Red Oak Handles. Polyurethane Coatings. 27 Days in Production Each.

We would also need a tremendously strong material for the blade. It would need a smooth surface to ensure ease of use in the garden and its durability would need to be unparalleled, guaranteeing years of faithful service to its owner. If this material were also beautiful, that would be all the better. We would want something that has been tested in the most extreme conditions.

High Quality Stainless Steel Blades. High Polish Finish.

Of course, we would want some assurances that these tools could provide the kind of world-class performance we are looking for. We would want the advantage of a product with a track record built upon years of refinement and perfecting. We would want to know that they have been proven in other markets before we finally introduce them to our customers.

13 Years Track Record in Other Countries. Over 9 Million Handles Produced. Recently Introduced to the United States.

Finally, we would need some method for conveying the story of these tools to the customer base. We would want something more than just a conventional sales team. We would need storytellers, people well-known and respected by the customer base and industry alike.

Brook & Hunter Sales Team

Imagine if we could build such a series of tools, products tested and refined for years, but only recently introduced to the United States market. If we could do this, the potential for expansion would be limitless.